Saturday, October 9, 2010

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Oh Nicolas, what happened here? Like A Bend in the Road, Spark's departs from his typical style to offer us something a bit different, but Safe Haven may not satisfy all of his enduring fans.

In this latest gentle read/romance, Katie has finally drummed up the courage to leave her controlling and physically abusive husband, Kevin, without his knowledge. He told her that if she ever tried to leave again, he would kill her and any man that she loved. She has relocated far away to Southport, North Carolina under a new identity. Without much money, she can only afford a fixer-upper cottage in a secluded wooded area, but she has been saving the small money she earns as a waitress at a local eatery, Ivan's.

Not feeling she can trust anyone, Katie mostly keeps to herself, but has been slowly letting Jo, her neighbor, get to know her. Although she is treading slowly, Katie also can't help but be intrigued by Alex, the grocery shop owner who she sees every week. Alex is a widower with two young children who is also afraid of starting a relationship but he knows that he is drawn to Katie. The two fall quickly in love, but how long will their bliss last, as it is only a matter of time before Kevin will find Katie?

I can't say that I disliked Safe Haven, but I felt that the focus on the romance between Katie and Alex took a backseat to Kevin and all his problems. I wish Sparks spent as much time letting his readers explore the thoughts of Katie and Alex as he did Kevin.

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