Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Mischief of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig

Arabella Dempsey has been her aunt's companion for many years and now that her aunt is married, Arabella has come home. Her good friend Jane Austen lives nearby but her family isn't the same. Arabella decides to apply as a teacher at Miss Climpson's Select Seminary for Young Ladies. After receiving the position, she literally bumps into Reginald "Turnip" Fitzhugh. Knowing each other from society they talk for awhile and Turnip gives Arabella his Christmas pudding. As he is leaving, a man comes and tries to steal the pudding. After Turnip takes care of him, Arabella and Turnip discover a secret message in the pudding written in French.

Arabella and Turnip decide to figure out what is going on. Turnip being friends with spies and being mistaken for a spy in the past, knows what to do. But as Arabella starts to have feelings for Turnip she decides to ease away. But Turnip has other ideas. And as the Twelve Days of Christmas party begins, Arabella will be surprised to learn Turnip has his sights on her and as well as the spy.

Another great story in the Pink Carnation series. The Orchid Affair, book eight of the series, comes out in January 2011.

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