Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh No She Didn’t by Clinton Kelly

Clinton Kelly is famous for his unabashed criticism of poor dressers on his hit television show What Not to Wear. In his latest book he shares tips and tricks on how to break free from fashion faux pas and look fantastic at any age.

Clinton’s writing style is quite irreverent and his conversational style makes you feel like he’s sitting next to you, on a bench at the mall, criticizing the same freak in the crazy outfit too! He kept me laughing through every page with pictures of each offense and stories of the mayhem he has witnessed on the streets of New York City and around the country. Some of the offenses covered include the more subtle like matching jewelry or gloppy mascara to the overtly offensive like tattoos and evening wear, matching your mate and holiday sweaters.

Clinton spares no punches when it comes to bad fashion sense and he loves making examples out of the most egregious of offenders. Some of his more inexcusable fashion mistakes: Mothers who insist on dressing from the juniors department, track suits and platform flip-flops. In fact to Clinton, ANY flip-flop worn ANYPLACE other than the beach or the pool is a horrid fashion mistake.

Clothing isn’t the only thing on his mind. He is quick to remind readers that there is more to looking fabulous than just the clothes you buy. He reminds us that women need to pay closer attention to their physical appearance as well. Roots?? Get rid of ‘em. Eyebrows?? Two please! Fidgeting and poor posture are huge no-no’s as well.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick guide for overcoming poor fashion sense. Or, if you are reasonably well kempt and you just secretively enjoy pointing and giggling at the crazies in our society, read this book.

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