Friday, November 5, 2010

On the Street Where You Live by Mary Higgins Clark

Criminal defense attorney Emily Graham recently bought the old Victorian house in Spring Lake, NJ that was once owned by a distant relative in the late 1800's. Emily's ancestor, Madeline Shapely, disappeared without a trace when she was waiting for her fiance on the front porch.

While finishing the work for an in-ground pool that the previous owners had started, the excavators come across a grave buried in Emily's backyard that contain the bones of two young women: one is identified as Madeline Shapley and the other is the remains of another young women who disappeared in Spring Lake 4 1/2 years earlier.

How is it possible that the remains of two young women, over 100 years apart, could be buried in the same place? A local psychologist questions if it could possibly be the work of the same killer who was reincarnated, but Emily believes that the present-day killer is still at large and she is determined to find the answer. Added to her stress is the threatening correspondence she receives that is similar to what she received in Albany. The Albany stalker is still in this a new stalker out to haunt her?

Meanwhile, police detectives Duggan and Walsh also reopen the case of Martha Lawrence and re-question all the guests that were present at the party the night that she disappeared. With over 20 guests, it seems as though everyone that night has something to hide.

As typical of Clark, there are about a gazillion characters and subplots that add to the mystery. With so many possible suspects, the truth comes as a surprise. This 2001 title is another stellar novel of suspense by Clark.

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