Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts

Parker Brown is a businesswoman. She started the wedding business, Vows, with her three best friends Laurel, Mac, and Emma. Each one has their own speciality. But Parker's is running the business and keeping the brides happy. Being a 24/7 job, Parker doesn't have time for a love life. But little did she know she would meet Malcolm Kavanaugh, a mechanic. He isn't her typically guy but there is something about him.

Malcolm cannot resist Parker. She is different from any woman he has every known and he wants her bad. Having a difficult childhood he has a hard time opening up. But they decide to give this relationship a try. Everything is moving along fine but Parker is surrounded by her best friends who are all in love and about to get married. She realizes she wants the same. Can Malcolm every learn to trust her and love her back?

This is the last book of the Bride Quartet. Not my favorite but still a good read. And we get to see Mac and Carter get married. The quartet is a definite must read!

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