Friday, December 3, 2010

The Reversal by Michael Connelly

Defense attorney Mickey Haller from The Lincoln Lawyer returns to the courtroom, but on the opposite side of the justice system, in this latest from Connelly.

The Los Angeles DA convinces Haller to work for the prosecution in the trial of a convicted child killer who's case was recently reversed in light of new DNA evidence. The city and courts are concerned that after spending 24 years in prison, Jason Jessup will sue for false incarceration. However, the prosecution contends that although DNA identified from the victim's dress as belonging to her now deceased stepfather, Jessup is still guilty of murder.

Haller joins ex-wife and prosecutor Maggie McPherson as second and half-brother Harry Bosch as lead investigator. Haller's key witness, Sarah Landy, the sister of the victim who witnessed the abduction, has a troublesome past involving drug abuse that will play right into Jessup's attorney's, "Clever" Clive Royce, defense. Part of Bosch's responsibility will be to locate this witness and talk her into testifying. Additionally, Bosch is having Jessup followed by the Secret Intelligent Service hoping that he will screw up and can be put behind bars. The last place Bosch suspects Jessup will visit by being tailed is the homicide detective's house.

This book was just OKAY. I was disappointed in the several strings left untied by the end, but suspect that Haller will return in another novel. Despite a slow beginning, Connelly biggest success lies in his knowledge of courtroom drama that created a tension filled plot.

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