Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Accidential Wedding by Anne Gracie

Nash Renfrew doesn't know who he is. A freak horse accident has left him in the hands of a strange woman and five children. Confused beyond belief, he is also fascinated by this woman. Stranded in a tiny cottage, Nash tries to make the best of the situation while trying to get his memory back.

Maddy Woodford cannot believe she allowing a strange man to stay in her home with her brothers and sisters. But never one to refuse a person in need, Maddy will do what she can to help this man. But she needs to fight the attraction that is between them. Of course it doesn't help that at night she has to sleep in the same bed as him!

With someone trying to scare Maddy and the children, Nash is determined to help them. And when his memory returns, he doesn't let on. He is able to convince Maddy into marriage so her reputation isn't ruined. But before the wedding can take place, Nash needs to come clean and flush out the sinister presence in their lives.
I love Anne Gracie's books! This one was another great historical romance. She is definitely one to read!

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