Thursday, January 13, 2011

Huck by Janet Elder

Don’t underestimate the power of a small pup to galvanize a community. Huck is the energy-filled pet of Janet Elder’s family who becomes the “family member” of so many others as the search begins when Huck runs away from a relative’s home he is staying in while his own family is on vacation.

Connecting families whose lives he touches if only by an indirect connection takes on new meaning and energy in the search to return this tiny pup to his home and the family that loves him. This is not a sappy story but a look into the life of a family and its puppy and how a community pulls together and strangers join together in a unified goal and search.

What started out as an agreement to include a puppy in the Elder family as a comfort turned out to be a story about never giving up. For animal lovers it’s a no-brainer wonderful true story about an adorable and much loved puppy. For others, it’s a story of perseverance and staying the course despite grim odds. For others, still, it’s a story about the best in people coming out. It’s, in any case, a pleasing and conversational read and a reminder that we are all – critters and people – connected and family.

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