Saturday, January 29, 2011

Play Dead By Meryl Sawyer

Hayley Fordham is dead. Or so everyone thinks she is. While on a working trip to Costa Rica that no one was aware of, Hayley's car was blown up. In the car was actually her friend who was escaping her abusive husband. The only one trying to find answers is Hayley's aunt Meg. She asks Ryan Hollister, an FBI agent, to investigate. Meg thinks Hayley's half brother and half sister are somehow involved.

As Ryan is investigating he becomes fascinated with Hayley. Only having seen a picture of her, Ryan wishes he could have known her. To his surprise while he is at her apartment, Hayley turns up. And together they work to solve the mystery of who wants Hayley dead.

Play Dead is a great romantic suspense novel. The premise reminded me of the 1944 movie Laura starring Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it!

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