Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Summons by John Grisham

I am on this mission to go back and read older Grisham's that I haven't read before because they always deliver, and The Summons is no exception.

Virgina law profession Ray Atlee and addict brother Forest have just received a summons from their elderly father requesting thei presence at the family home in Mississippi. Emotionally distant, reclusive, and generous to everyone except his own sons, Judge Ruben Atlee was never the ideal father and held resentment against Ray even after all these years for not entering into a family law practice together. With Ruben close to death, Ray can only guess that this request is in regards to his last will and testament.

By the time Ray arrives, the old judge has already passed. On his desk is his final will that divides the estate evenly between Ray and Forrest, with Ray designated as executor. While rummaging through the house, Ray stumbles upon rubber banded boxes of money in a cabinet. After counting all the boxes, Ray realizes their is roughly 3 million in cash. The money soon opens up a world of trouble for Ray, and he is not sure who in his father's life he can trust with this secret.

It is no surprise that this is another page-turning legal thriller from Grisham. The man can do no wrong in my eyes! This book is definitely for thriller fans looking for a quick, entertaining read.

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