Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dead Wrong by Mariah Stewart

In Stewart's first of her lackluster FBI series, Mara Douglas has been on edge since two women in her quiet college town have been murdered. The connection to the two murders is that both victims were named Mary Douglas. Authorities wonder if the killer made a mistake with the first Mary Douglas and the second Mary Douglas was really the intended target.

Even though the intended victim is still unknown, it does not sit well with Mara's sister and FBI psychologist, Annie. She enlists the protection of Aiden Shields, an FBI agent who is been on leave since the death of his brother Dylan died during an undercover operation that went wrong. Battling his own demons, Aiden agrees to take on the assignment as a favor to Annie, but little does he know the attraction that blossoms.

Meanwhile, a third M. Douglas is murdered. This victim just happens to work at the courthouse with Mara. As the killer seems to be closing in on Mara, she considers that it could be the work of parent who lost custody of his children when she was their court advocate.

Although Dead Wrong had such a good plot and premise, it could really have been a stellar novel if Stewart had gone into more detail about the killings and Aiden's and Mara's developing relationship; these elements seemed glossed over. We romantic suspense readers need a little hot sex in our books! Overall, this is a solid series starter, and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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