Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Andrea Kane

Sally Montgomery agrees to take a weekend getaway with Frederick Pierson, the owner of the stable were she boards of her horses. While she returns from a morning walk, she discovers Frederick dead and then suffers a blow to her head. She eventually wakes and manages to escape moments before the cabin is completely incinerated.

Knowing that a killer is on the loose and had intended for her to perish in that fire, Sally's ex-husband and P.I. "Monty" advises her to hide-out until he can track down the killer. Meanwhile, Monty is hired by the Edward Pierson, the elder who is CEO of a successful food service business, Pierson & Co, which is mostly run by his family members, including his son Frederick. Although he is posing as security detail for the company, his main objective is to find out who there hated Frederick enough to want him dead.

Monty also enlists the help of their daughter Devon, a veterinarian, who is being courted by both James and Blake Montgomery, Frederick's nephews who also work for Pierson & Co., when she goes to pay her respects. Both men are sexy and charming in different ways, but could Devon be getting involved with the man who tried to kill her mother?

I love Andrea Kane's books. They are easy, page-turning reads, with engaging plots and lively sex scenes. Wrong Place, Wrong Time is another winner. If you like romantic suspense, she is definitely worth trying.

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