Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Fiction 11/29/11

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

The Alpine Winter by Mary Daheim
An Amish Wedding by Beth Wiseman
Angel of Darkness by Cynthia Eden
Dead by Nightfall by Beverly Barton
Fate's Edge by Ilona Andrews
Hunter of Shadows by Nancy Gideon
Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless by Kiki Swinson
The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon
Silver Sparks by Starr Ambrose
Queen of America by Luis Alberto Urrea
Vampires Dead Ahead by Cheyenne McCray
Within the Flames by Majorie Liu
You're Not the One by Alexandra Potter

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Next Always by Nora Roberts

Beckett Montgomery has been in love with Clare Murphy since he was sixteen. But she was in love with another and moved away. But when her husband was killed in action, Clare moved back home with two sons and one on the away. Now six years later, Clare Murphy Brewster has a bookstore and three sons and Beckett is still in love.

Inn Boonsboro is being restored by Beckett, his two brothers, Owen and Ryder, and their mom, Justine. Every room will be named after literary characters with a happy ending. For example Elizabeth and Darcy, Buttercup and Westley, and Eve and Roarke. Beckett is proud of what they are accomplishing but he is still wants Clare. He has finally decided to make his move. But it is hard to schedule a date with three kids and a business.

They find an opening and have a great time. But there is someone else out there who wants Clare. And he isn't taking no for an answer. As their relationship grows so does the menace of the other man who wants her. Will Clare and Beckett find there happy ending?

The Next Always is the first book in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy. And if the other two are anything like this one, it will be another winner for Nora Roberts!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Killer Takes All by Erica Spindler

I love you Erica Spindler! I don't know if it is the New Orleans settings, the engaging characters, or the twisty plots that keep me reading her, but I don't intend to stop.

Spindler's books really aren't series, but some of them feature minor characters from previous books that become the main characters in other books. Killer Takes All features one of the Malone brothers, Spencer, and Jane's sister from See Jane Die, Stacy Killian.

Stacy Killian is an ex-cop from Dallas who has moved to New Orleans for graduate school intending to leave the grueling life of police work behind. But once a cop, always a cop, and when her neighbors are murdered, Stacy makes a commitment to track down Cassie's killer.

Detective Spencer Malone isn't exactly thrilled with a civilian's involvement in his case. However, with no viable leads, Spencer agrees to look into Stacy's theory that Cassie and her roommate's death has to do with the role playing game, White Rabbit. Unlike other RPGs, White Rabbit isn't mainstream and takes it to another level that involves eradicating everyone until there is only one left standing.

Stacy teams up with White Rabbit's creator, Leo Noble, who has been receiving threatening postcards that pose the game's characters in gruesome death scenes. Leo, however, innocent as he seems, may know more than he is letting on.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Fiction 11/22/11

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

Cat Telling Tales by Shirley Rousseau
Come a Little Closer by Dorothy Garlock
Dead Last by James Hall
Dead Man's Grip
by Peter James
Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich
The Impossible Dead by Ian Rankin
Longing by Karen Kingsbury
Micro by Michael Crichton
Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause by Mignon Franklin Ballard
Physical Education by Maggie Barbieri
Swift Edge by Laura Disilverio
The Third Reich by Roberto Bolano
Three-Day Town by Margaret Maron
Well-Tempered Clavicle by Piers Anthony

Saturday, November 19, 2011

When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Kramer

Lady Mary "Molly" Fairbanks has a knack for finding trouble. But when her fiance ditches her on the way to their elopement it wasn't her fault. The fault lies with Lord Harry Traemore. Her childhood nemesis. His mistress and her fiance left together. Now Harry is in a bind and needs a favor from Molly. But with their track record it won't be easy to convince Molly to be is false mistress.

The Prince Regent has come up with the game to find the most delectable companion. The winner does not have to wed for a year and the loser has to marry someone of the board's choosing. Harry is not ready to wed and he had the perfect mistress in Fiona. Now with no Fiona, Harry needs Molly to step in.

Molly doesn't want to go back to her life so she reluctantly agrees. At first she is awful as a mistress but starts to get the hang of things and starts winning over the other mistresses. But what she didn't expect is to start to like Harry. And Harry never expected to like Molly but she is all he can think about. As they continue the charade their feelings deepen until Harry comes up with a plan to keep Molly forever.

When Harry Met Molly is the first book in the Impossible Bachelors series. This is definitely one to read.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

“I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was” (347).

A creative and imaginative child, Jacob Portman was enchanted by his grandfather’s unusual bedtime stories about special children with strange abilities and magical powers. As the novel opens we find an older, skeptical and more jaded version of Jacob, shocked and grief-stricken by his grandfather’s unexpected death. His discovery of a bizarre collection of photographs among his grandfather’s possessions sends him searching for answers about his past.

Jacob’s journey initially leads him to a remote island off the coast of Wales. Here he finds Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the orphanage where his grandfather grew up. As Jacob explores the elaborate estate, at first seemingly dilapidated and abandoned, he begins to doubt the possibility that his grandfather’s fantastical stories could be true. Jacob ultimately discovers, however, that the stories are not only true, but that the children in the photographs are still alive, frozen in time, re-living the same day over and over again for the past seventy years. As he falls further and further down the rabbit hole, Jacob finds himself becoming one of them, trapped between two realities, struggling to determine what’s real.

Filled with eclectic details and laced with dark humor, the novel is also accentuated by a sense of ominous foreboding, echoed in Jacob’s belief that he is being followed by some invisible, malevolent force. While the subject, tone and writing style lend themselves primarily to a young adult audience, this book could be enjoyed by readers of various age groups. The vintage photography incorporated throughout lends a unique supplemental feature to this novel, a must-read for anyone who loves YA-Crossover, Paranormal Fiction and Fantasy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Fiction 11/15/11

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

The Angel Esmeralda by Don DeLillo
Bones Under the Beach Hut by Simon Brett
Dollhouse by Kim Kardashian
KBI by John Weisman
Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson
Our Man in the Dark by Rashad Harrison
Revan by Drew Karpyshyn
The Silver Lotus by Thomas Steinbeck
V is for Vengeance by Sue Grafton

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo

Gaby is getting married. It has been three years since her beloved husband has died and Gaby is ready. The only problem is no one knows who she is marrying including the groom! Three men have asked for her hand and she decided that on Christmas day she will have her wedding and let the groom know then. Gaby is confident in her decision and knows that the other two men will understand.

Her four kids are just as curious but they also have there own lives to worry about. Lizzie's husband Mike has cancer. Emily is trying to make partner at her law firm. Claire is thinking about leaving her husband, and Seth is trying to sell his novel. But with all their issues, they will do anything for Gaby including showing up for a Christmas wedding that doesn't have a groom!

I really enjoyed this book. It is a fast read and it is wonderful to see a family stick by each other and love each other so much. If you are in the mood for Christmas, I definitely recommend The Christmas Wedding!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Widow by Carla Neggers

This is the first Carla Neggers book I have read and The Widow is the first book in her Boston PD-FBI series. I would be willing to read her again, but I wasn't dying to finish this book either. How all the characters were connected seemed a bit confusing and implausible.

Boston homicide detective Abigail Browning FBI husband's, Chris's, murder has been unsolved for seven years. On the anniversary of his death, Abigail receives a prank call from someone claiming to know more about the murder of her husband. Is it really a prank or is something more sinister going on? Tormented by the thought of Chris's killer running free, Abigail goes back to his family cottage in Mt. Desert, Maine in hopes of bringing the killer out.

Not everyone in this quiet town is happy about her return. Grace Cooper has the FBI snooping around before she is approved for a prestigious Washington position. Mattie Young, Chris's old friend, is Grace's uncle's yard man who uses the old Garrison property near Abigail's cottage for private parties. Linc, Grace's brother, was just a kid when Chris died, and knows about the burglaries that happened around that time. None of them want Chris's death stirred up again.

The only one who wants the truth brought to light is her neighbor, the sexy Owen Garrison, who also lost someone important to him years ago near the same place Chris's body was found.

The killer isn't revealed until the end, although there are plenty of suspects to keep you guessing. The mystery behind Chris's killer and the romantic parts were strong, but I was just disappointed in some of the elements of the plot and characters. Not all the characters or back stories return in the other books in this series, so they can be read as standalones.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Fiction 11/8/11

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

11/22/63 by Stephen King
The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson
Battle of the Crater by Newt Gingrich
Blink of an Eye by William Cohen
The Boy in the Suitcase by Lene Kaaberbol
A Burial at Sea by Charles Finch
Coffin Man by James Doss
A Dark and Lonely Place by Edna Buchanan
Endurance by Jay Lake
Hot Water by Erin Brockovich
The Ionia Sanction by Gary Corby
Love and Shame and Love by Peter Orner
The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco
Rain Falls Like Mercy by Jack Todd
Scholar by L.E. Modesitt
The Sisters
by Nancy Jensen
The Templar Magician by P.C. Doherty
The Time in Between by Maria Duenas
White Truffles in Winter by N.M. Kelby

Saturday, November 5, 2011

At the Bride Hunt Ball by Olivia Parker

Madelyn Heywood will do anything not to be one of the seven women picked to participate in the bride hunt ball. So when she sees the envelope coming her way she does what any sensible girl would do: run. She goes into the garden and meets Gabriel Devine. Not knowing he is the Duke, the one responsible for the ball, Madelyn lets her guard down and lets him know how she feels. While she is distracted, Gabriel slips her the invite.

Not really having a choice, Madelyn is resigned to the fact she has to go. Her mean stepmother is promising her the cottage she grew up in if she catches the eye of the Duke and not his brother, Tristan, the one the ball is for. Madelyn is also going to keep an eye on her best friend, Charlotte. But Madelyn is in for a shock when she finds Gabriel there and he is the Duke.

Gabriel Devine, the Duke of Wolverston, wants perfection. Knowing he will never find it in a wife he has come up with the idea for the ball to marry his younger brother off. What he didn't expect was to like Madelyn Heywood. He tries to stay away but he can't stop thinking of her. Now he just as to convince her to take a chance on him.

I really enjoyed this book. I just found my next favorite historical romance author! The next book is Charlotte's story called To Wed a Wicked Earl.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

Just like The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Selznick's new story, Wonderstruck, has something so special and magical that it will appeal to event adults, especially those who have a appreciation for history, museums and a young boy trying to find his way in the world.

While going through his mother's things after her death, Ben Wilson, who now lives in his cousin's cabin in Gunflint Lake, Minnesota, finds an old book called Wonderstruck, written by a curator of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Out of the book falls a bookmark with a cryptic note, which makes Ben ponder whether the note came from his father, the man whose existence was always a mystery.

During this stormy night, Ben attempts to call the number on the bookmark, hoping to find out about his father, when he suddenly blacks out. The next thing he knows is that he is in the hospital, recovering from being struck by lightning. Already deaf in one ear, the accident has caused deafness in his other ear, and now he cannot hear at all.

Ben sneaks out of the hospital and sets out for the big city in hopes of learning about his father. His journey brings him to the American Museum of Natural History, which is like a beckon calling him home. What he learns there about his own history will change his life forever.

The story is told in a combination of words and pictures, and alternates between the 1920's and the 1970's. It is not everyday that an adult fiction reader like myself gets to experience a story told through pictures, so this was such a special treat. I don't want to give too much away, so just read it and be prepared to fall in love with this book!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Fiction for 11/1/11

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

The Next Always by Nora Roberts
Christmas Treasures by Thomas Kinkade
The Corn Maiden by Joyce Carol Oates
Hotel Vendome by Danielle Steel
The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz
I Am Half-Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley
Lost December by Richard Paul Evans
Mercury's Rise by Ann Parker
Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire
Petrified by Graham Masterson
Prince of Ravenscar by Catherine Coulter
Roam by Alan Lazar
Stone Spring by Stephen Baxter
Until Thy Wrath Be Past by Asa Larsson
The Wedding Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini
The Wild Ways by Tanya Huff