Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Fiction 2/28/12

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

By Blood by Ellen Ullman
Cain at Gettysburg by Ralph Peters
Children of Wrath by Paul Grossman
Cinnamon Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke
Hunting Sweetie Rose by Jack Fredrickson
Living Proof by Kira Peikoff
Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult
The Scar by Sergey Dyachenko
So Damn Lucky by Deborah Coonts
Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper
The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont
Touchstone by Melanie Rawn
Trail of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz
Unwanted by Kristina Ohlsson
The Variations by John Donatich
Victims by Jonathan Kellerman
Yours, Mine, and Ours by Maryjanice Davidson

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rules of Prey by John Sandford

This is the first Sandford book I have read, and most certainly will not be the last! Even though Minneapolis police lieutenant Lucas Davenport goes outside the law to get what he needs, and his professional ethics are a bit questionable, readers will love him all the same for taking a stand on what's right, not what the law says.

In this first Davenport outing, a serial killer is stalking the twin cities and there is no rhyme, reason, or consistency for police profilers to figure out any kind of discernible pattern. The only constant is that the killer, who calls himself maddog, leaves a note at each killing with the rules for hunting is prey.

Davenport is called in to work with the homicide division on finding this psycho, but he is always one step behind the killer. Even though one of his attacks on Carla Ruiz was botched, he was very careful not to leave behind any evidence, and thus no leads for the cops. But Davenport, a computer and board game creator, cannot stand to be outsmarted and he will do whatever it takes to stop this killer from using the Twin Cities as his personal hunting grounds.

There is just something cool about Davenport. He is kind of shady, kind of a ladies man, but you like him all the same and want to give him props for being a different kind of cop. Sanford also writes the bestselling Virgil Flowers series, and since I am so sold on this author, I plan are reading the first one, Dark of the Moon, very soon!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Erin Morgenstern’s bestseller The Night Circus is a current obsession of mine. I consider it one of the most imaginative and best-written works of fiction I have read in quite some time. I literally have not been able to put it down since I started reading it!

The plot centers around a traveling magical circus called Le Cirque des Rêves; or, in English, Circus of Dreams. The circus exists only from sunset to sunrise, and disappears at dawn. It features an array of fantastical and whimsical attractions, such as a garden made of ice and a fire-breathing dragon made of paper. On center stage is a battle between magician Prospero the Enchanter and his arch nemesis, the enigmatic Mr. A.H. Both characters groom their young protégés - Celia and Marco – to rival their extraordinary mental and physical abilities.

Their rivalry raises questions about the proper approach to magic: whether it is a born talent, represented by Prospero's daughter Celia, or whether it is a skill that can be taught, represented by Mr. A.H.'s orphan ward Marco. Despite their rivalry ingrained since birth, Celia and Marco eventually fall in love. Their secret romance, once exposed, threatens to tear the circus apart.

Compared to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, this novel will appeal to anyone who enjoys imagination, fantasy and romance.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Fiction 2/21/12

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb
The Comedy is Finished by Donald Westlake
Deceit and Devotion by R.M. Johnson
The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott
Echoes of Betrayal by Elizabeth Moon
The Healing by Jonathan O'Dell
The Little Russian by Susan Sherman
A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
The Shadow Patrol by Alex Berenson
Sonoma Rose by Jennifer Chiaverini
The Technologists by Matthew Pearl
Watergate by Thomas Mallon

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Before She Dies by Mary Burton

I loved this new Mary Burton (Merciless, Dying Scream) book! The carnival setting grabbed me immediately, and I couldn't turn the pages (or in my case, swipe) fast enough to learn how the two intense plot threads would eventually connect.

Detective Daniel Rokov and his partner have entered a very eerie crime scene where a woman's body had been staked to the ground of an abandoned building, and the word "witch" was tattooed on her forehead. It seems their victim was a psychic, so they suspect the killer has something against the occult.

Rokov's lover, attorney Charlotte Wellington, only wants a sexual relationship with him and won't let him get too close. What he doesn't know about her is that she has spent the last eighteen years hiding under a new identity. When she left the carnival life of her childhood, she also left Grace Wells behind, hoping to never look back.

Now that the traveling carnival is back in her home town of Alexandria, VA, Grady Tate, her stepfather, wants her services. If she doesn't give in to his demands, he will reveal her identity and shatter the life she so carefully built. He wants her to check in on Sooner, who is trouble with the law. Sooner is the now grown child of her deceased sister and has taken over as the fortune teller role that Charlotte abandoned. Grady promised to put her up for adoption when Charlotte left, but he couldn't let go of the potential revenue he could get out of the kid.

As another woman is murdered and the only lead Rokov has that connects the two is a carnival ticket stub, he is in a race against time to stop the killer before another innocent "witch" is slaughtered. When Charlotte steps back into her previous life to help solve the crimes, it might just be that someone from the carnival is the culprit, and her sister's untimely death may not have been an accident as she thought for so many years.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

As the novel opens we find Flavia De Luce locked inside a closet by her two older sisters, but once Flavia puts her plan for revenge in motion she stumbles upon a mystery which begs to be solved. From the dead Jack Snipe with a stamp impaled on its beak found outside the kitchen door to the argument Flavia overhears in her father's room with the man she sees take his last breath in their cucumber patch the next morning, Flavia is on the case.

With the help of her trusty bike Gladys, Flavia must figure out how all of these events are connected in order to prove her father innocent of murder. It is easy to forget that Flavia is only eleven years old as she rides around town conducting her own investigation one step ahead of the inspector on the case.

I'm not sure if it was the British setting, the mystery, or the lovable character of Flavia, self trained chemist and amateur detective, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book and plan on reading the rest of this series to see what other trouble Flavia gets herself into while trying to solve crimes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Fiction 2/14/2012

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

Available Dark
by Elizabeth Hand
Deader Homes and Gardens by Joan Hess
The Detour by Andromeda Romano-Lax
Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody
Friends Like Us by Lauren Fox
Girlchild by Tupelo Hassman
Heart of a Killer by David Rosenfelt
The House I Loved by Tatiana de Rosnay
I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
The Next One to Fall by Hilary Davidson
Night Rounds by Helen Tursten
Oath of Office by Michael Palmer
Private Games by James Patterson
Restless in the Grave by Dana Stebanow
Robert Ludlum's The Janson Command by Paul Garrison
The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Be Mine Tonight by Kathryn Smith

Prudence Ryland is dying. Her only hope is to find the Holy Grail. Her father has bought land near their house where the Holy Grail is rumored to be. With the help of Marcus Grey, the digging begins. But before they discover anything, a mysterious man named Chapel appears. He says he is with the Church but there is something different about him.

Chapel is a vampire. He was turned over 600 years ago by drinking out of the UnHoly Grail. Chapel and five others were turned. Now his mission is to protect others from the the UnHoly Grail. He has come to Pru's home to make sure the Grail isn't found. What he didn't expect was to fall for Pru.Link
When Pru finds out Chapel is a vampire, she wants him to turn her. But Chapel believes she will be damned and won't do it. Pru accepts his decision and they spend every moment together. But there is a group out there that will do anything to destroy them. Will they survive and will true love prevail?

This is the first book in the Brotherhood of Blood series. I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to read the rest!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Devious by Lisa Jackson

What I love about Jackson's New Orleans series, besides the setting, is that the recurring detectives, Rick Bentz and Reuben Montoya, are more on the periphery of the story. As a result, you can really read this series in any order since the protagonists are new each time, with Bentz and Montoya in the background solving the crimes.

In this 7th entry, Sister Camille Renard is found murdered in the chapel of St. Marguerite's wearing a yellowed wedding dress and bleeding out from the neck. Valerie Renard, an ex-cop from Houston, and Camille's sister, plans on finding her killer with the not always welcomed help of Slade Houston, Valerie's husband, who is in town trying to stop Valerie from divorcing him.

This case hits close to home for Montoya when he discovers that the victim is someone he went to high school with. What's more is that Montoya knows another nun, Sister Lucia, and Father Frank from high school as well, and none of them seem to be cut out for a lifetime commitment to God. It is practically a high school reunion.

Even more perplexing is the fact that Camille was pregnant. Who would impregnate and kill a nun, and is it the same person who commitment both of these sins? As Valerie starts digging around, she receives resistance from Sister Charity, St. Marguerite's Mother Superior, making her question what exactly the antiquated order is hiding.

This page-turner is another winner from Jackson. Plus, a reappearance from the killer in Hot Blooded who we all thought was dead really cranks things up a notch. I am looking forward to the next one since an important plot thread was left unresolved.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Fiction 2/7/12

Here is a sampling of new fictiLinkon released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

All that I am by Anna Funder
Catch Me by Lisa Gardner
City of Dragons by Robin Hobb
Desert Wind by Betty Webb
A Good American by Alex George
Girl Reading by Kate Ward
Hanging Hill by Mo Hayder
History of a Pleasure Seeker by Richard Mason
Kill Shot
by Vince Flynn
The Last Storyteller by Frank Delaney
Left for Dead by J.A. Jance
The Lost Saints of Tennessee by Amy Franklin-Willis
The Mirage by Matt Ruff
No Mark Upon Her by Deborah Crombie
Ragnarok by A.S. Byatt
Stay Awake by Dan Chaon
Stick and Stones
by K.J. Larsen
Throne of a Crescent Moon
by Saladin Ahmed

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's All Greek to Me by Katie MacAlister

Eglantine "Harry" Knight is in Greece. She was asked at the last minute to be the stand in manager for a rock band who is performing on a private island. Not one to say no to a free vacation and having the flexibility as a writer to travel whenever, Harry is excited. But that excitement quickly fades when the lead singer, Cindy, accuses one of the hosts of forcing himself on her. Harry quickly diffuses the situation but not before she gets into it with one hot Greek named Iakovos Papaionanno.

Iakovos Papaionannou cannot get Harry out of his mind, so he seduces her. And Harry is more than happy to be seduced. Even when the band leaves Harry stays in Greece. And everything is going great, so great that Harry is moving to Greece. But of course true love always has its obstacles. And for Harry and Iakovos it is siblings, pregnancy, and marriage.

It has been forever since Katie MacAlister has written a contemporary romance and It's All Greek to Me was worth the wait! I adored the characters and Greece has moved to the top spot on the places I want to visit!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James

Exciting news! I am now the proud owner of a Nook™ Simple Touch. And, after having my fill of books available for free download, I decided I wanted to finally splurge and purchase something to read in my leisure time. I received some inspiration from the literary gods as I was perusing through our list of newly purchased E Books…

Death Comes to Pemberley
by P.D. James. This book is a blend of classic literary fiction with the contemporary murder mystery novel; a fusion of the old with the new… kind of like my Nook™. It seemed like an appropriate choice, so I bought it. The story picks up six years after Elizabeth and Darcy have had their happily-ever-after at the end of Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth has settled into her role as lady of the house at Pemberley. She and Darcy have two sons, Fitzwilliam and Charles. Jane and Bingley live close and visit often. They lead a perfectly blissful existence.

As the novel opens, preparations are under way for the much-anticipated autumn ball, held every year at Pemberley. On the eve of the ball, a carriage arrives carrying Elizabeth’s estranged sister, Lydia. Lydia stumbles from the carriage, shrieking and hysterical, and announces that her husband, Wickham, has been murdered. Elizabeth and Darcy’s idyllic life at Pemberley is shattered as the situation escalates into fear and mayhem.

… I’m going to stop here, because I don’t want to give too much away!

In short, I highly recommend this book. Unlike other modern reinterpretations of Austen novels I have read, James’s version maintains a delicate balance of both classic and contemporary elements. She manages to preserve the writing style and characters that we love while adding an additional layer of mystery and excitement.

Did I mention we now have this book available for download as an E Audio Book in the library’s collection? I just had to throw that in there!

Interested in downloading this book? Click here: http://www.mymediamall.net/DF8E8389-208D-4CA6-8AF9-4FC0A2C03B68/10/391/en/ContentDetails.htm?ID=9DD86044-12A1-41DD-BFED-AA161448EB24