Thursday, March 29, 2012

Knock Out by Catherine Coulter

Special Agent Dillon Savich is in line at the bank when all hell breaks loose. Four masked people are trying to the rob the bank. Savich is able to dial his wife and FBI partner, Lacey Sherlocke, so she can hear what is happening and send help. Savich is doing what he is told until one of the robbers sees him. She recognizes him from a TV interview he gave after a case and starts hassling him. This gives Savich the opportunity to take her down. When it is all over all the robbers are dead except the girl, Lissy. She is injured and has been taken to the hospital.

In Titusville, VA, Sheriff Ethan Merriweather is looking for a lost girl, Autumn Backman. He can tell her mom, Joanna, is hiding something but can't figure out what. He heads home and to his surprise Autumn is there. She believes he can help her. And little by little Ethan gets the gist of why she ran. Her mother and her are being chased by Autumn's uncle. Autumn witnessed him and his brother and mother burying bodies. And now they are being hunted.

Savich and Sherlocke arrive on the scene because Autumn has a special gift. She is telepathic and was able to call to Savich for help. Now with the FBI's help maybe the terror Autumn and Joanna have known will finally end. But nothing is ever simple. Lissy escapes from the hospital with the help of her boyfriend. And the two of them are gunning for Savich.

This is book 13 in the FBI series. I liked how the two stories came together. I really enjoy the adventures of Sherlocke and Savich.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Fiction 3/27/12

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

Betrayal by Danielle Steel
Buried in Buttercream by G.A. McKevett
Elegy for Eddie by Jacqueline Winspear
Guilty Wives by James Patterson
Letter From a Stranger by Barbara Taylor Bradford
The Memory of Blood by Christopher Fowler
Perla by Carolina De Robertis
Three A.M. by Steven John
The Truth of All Things by Kierna Shields
The Unruly Passions of Eugenie R. by Carol Desanti
The Unseen by Heather Graham

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Princess Charming by Nicole Jordan

Maura Collyer's beloved horse has been sold under her nose by her wicked stepmother. And it was sold to the man who killed her father. Determined to confront the man and ask if he will sell her the horse back. Her opportunity comes when Ashton Wilde, Marquis of Beaufort throws a ball. But the confrontation doesn't go as planned and she is rescued by Ashton.

The last thing Ashton wants to do is throw a ball but his sister was insistent. Bored, Ashton soon because intrigued when he sees Maura, a close friend of his sister, head outside to the terrace. He follows and watches her interaction. He is impressed and realizes he is attracted to Maura.

Maura will do anything to get her horse and won't let the frustrating Ashton stop her. She plans on stealing back the horse and head to Scotland. But Ashton catches her in the act and won't leave her side, but plans a way to help her. And along the way make Maura his.

This was my first book by Nicole Jordan and I am hooked! I can't wait the read the rest the books in the series and have started reading her other books!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

Starting out as fan fiction, Fifty Shades of Grey is the first in an erotic trilogy that has gained a huge readership among women, even those who are foreign to the genre, and is the topic of recent book buzz. Whether or not you like lewd sex in your romance is really irrelevant because this book is an utterly readable page-turner. You may find yourself disgusted and offended or turned-on and enthralled, but either way you will want to finish this book.

College student Anastasia Steele heads to Seattle to interview billionaire business man Christian Grey for the school newspaper on request of her roommate and best friend Kate, who is too ill for the job. Grey is gorgeous, intelligent, and intimidating, making Ana, a naive klutz, realize just how out of her element she really is.

Despite how awful she felt the interview went, it is obvious that she left an impression on Grey, who stalks her at the hardware store where she works. He warns her that he is dangerous and to stay away from him, but for some indescribable reason and despite the warnings, Ana is completely drawn to him.

After spending a short amount of time with Grey, Ana learns that he desires only a domination/submissive sexual relationship with her and has introduced her to his sexual red room of pain. This means that if she signs the contract, she is "his" in all manner of speaking for the next three months. Leery about signing such an agreement, Ana hopes to explore this a bit more with Grey. It is apparent that she is falling hard for him, but will he ever be able to have a "normal" relationship outside of the world of sexual domination?

Whether Grey and Ana are likeable characters may be debatable. Grey is a complex man with a troubled past and doesn't like to be touched during their sexual interactions. Ana seems to be struggling with her own self-worth issues and some readers will question why anyone would even contemplate this kind of relationship.

But behind all the kinky S&M elements of their relationship reside two people clearly in love but are unable to make it work for reasons that haven't been revealed quite yet. I am very anxious to read the next two books in the series, Fifty Shades of Darker and Fifty Shades of Freed to see how the story unfolds. Like Grey himself, for some reason, I just can't stay away from these books.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Fiction 3/20/12

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway
The Blind Spy by Alex Dryden
Born to Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann
Fall From Grace by Richard North Patterson
Force of Nature by C.J. Box
The Good Father by Noah Hawley
Mudwoman by Joyce Carol Oates
A Partial History of Lost Causes by Jennifer Dubois
Phantom by Ted Bell
So Pretty It Hurts by Kate White
Stay Close by Harlan Coben
That's How I Roll by Andrew Vachss

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

Picoult's last few books have really gone down hill for me, and Lone Wolf is another example. As in her previous books, the chapters alternate between first person narration of the different characters, there is a legal component with courtroom drama, and her denouement is her typical signature twist.

This time her story revolves around a family torn apart and now reuniting under dire circumstances in the midst of emotional turmoil. Seventeen year old Cara Warren called father Luke one night to pick her up at a party where she was drinking. The return trip home resulted in a terrible car accident that left Cara with a broken shoulder, and Luke with irreparable brain injury.

Georige, Luke's ex-wife, calls her son Edward with the news, and he immediately returns home after spending six years in Thailand, where he fled to after coming out to his father. Now a decision needs to be made about their father: do they continue life support or let him go? Edward believes his father would not want to live this way and Cara refuses to give up on the man who has always been larger than life in her eyes.

When the chapters alternate to Luke's perspective, he talks about the two years he left his family to live with the wolves and integrate himself as part of a pack. When he returned, he never was the same. Readers may find some of these stories difficult to buy and will cringe hearing about a person who chooses to eat raw meat and live in the wilderness.

This story was interesting enough, but not up to the caliber of her previous works. Only die-hard Picoult fans should bother. New readers should start with other works that really showcase her talent, such as My Sister's Keeper or Handle With Care.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Poppy Wyatt has lost her engagement ring. Ten days before the big day and she has lost it. She was at a function at a hotel and all her friends were trying on her ring when the fire alarm sounded and her disaster began. No one is claiming to have the ring and Poppy is panicking. And her in-laws are arriving home after being gone for six months and have never seen her with the family heirloom. Poppy steps outside to check her phone for messages when a man on a bike swipes it right out of her hand. Now Poppy is full on panic mode. Her life is on that phone.

As she paces in the hotel lobby having a nervous breakdown, she spots a cell phone in the trash bin. Looking around and only noticing businessmen, Poppy picks up the phone. And it rings. And answering it begins the biggest adventure of her life. On the other end is Sam Roxton, whose PA was the owner of the company phone. He needs Poppy to stall a businessman. Poppy reluctantly does and in return Sam lets her keep the phone for a couple of days until she finds her ring as long as she forwards all the emails and texts to his phone as they come in.

Poppy soon discovers Sam is a busy man and also a man who doesn't always reply to his emails. Poppy decides she is helping him out by replying to some of the emails herself. What happens next is a disaster and has Poppy rethinking her wedding. Is Magnus really the one or could Sam be the guy?

Another great one by Sophie Kinsella. I really enjoyed how she used footnotes and texts and emails throughout the book . And I really loved the characters of Poppy and Sam!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Fiction 3/13/2012

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

The Affair by Alicia Clifford
The American Spy by Olen Steinhauer
Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green
Another Time, Another Life by Leif G.W. Persson
Apocalypse by Troy Denning
Arcadia by Lauren Groff
The Book of Lost Fragrances by M.J. Rose
A Crown Imperiled by Raymond Feist
City of Bohane by Kevin Barry
Deep Fathom by James Rollins
The Dog Who Danced by Susan Wilson
Dublin Dead by Gerard O'Donovan
The Games by Ted Kosmatka
The Girl Next Door by Brad Parks
Monday Mornings by Sanjay Gupta
Play Nice by Gemma Halliday
The Reeducation of Cherry Truong by Aimee Phan
The Vanishers by Heidi Julavits

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Under the Dome by Stephen King

Dale "Barbie" Barbara is leaving town. He had a good run in Chester's Mill, Maine but after an altercation it is time to move on. Just before he walks to the town limit, he witnesses a woodchuck getting split in half. And then almost immediately an airplane explodes right above Barbie and the woodchuck. Not sure what is going on the town is perplexed. But they quickly realize that a dome has been put over Chester's Mill.

Big Jim Rennie, who basically runs the town, is all for the dome. He believes he can run the town and make everyone do his bidding. But a small group of people are fighting against Big Jim. And they have help from the outside. But a disaster inside the dome is looming and it might take out everyone inside before anyone can figure out where the dome came from and how to get rid of it.

This was my first book by Stephen King and I loved it. I am not sure how I feel about the ending but I am glad I read this 1000+ page book. I was told by my co-workers that my next Stephen King book should be The Stand.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jane Vows Vengeance by Michael Thomas Ford

Waaa! I am so disappointed that Jane Vows Vengeance is the last book in this fun, humorous, and enjoyable trilogy. Even if you aren't into the whole vampire thing, you will find something to like in this quirky series.

In this last entry, vampire Jane Austen, who is living as book store owner Jane Fairfax in Brackston, New York, and her mortal fiance Walter, who still doesn't know she is said vampire, decide to get married in England while Walter is on a European architectural tour. Accompanying them on the tour is Jane's friend Lucy, Lucy's boyfriend Ben, Walter's mother Miriam, and Mariam's three-legged chihuahua Lilth. And talk about a mother-in-law from hell. Miriam wants a grandchild soon. If Jane doesn't deliver, Miriam the vampire hunter, will have to put an end to Jane.

Everything is falling into place until her wedding day when Jane's ex-husband Joshua makes an appearance. Jane completely forgot she was married, which is easy to do when their marriage ended over 100 years ago. Walter is none too pleased about Jane's secret and is rethinking if he even wants to marry her.

But Jane hopes she can fix everything when she learns of the mythical Crispin's Needle, which will turn a vampire back to a human. If she can find this needle in time, Walter will never need to know her secret. But there is someone out there who doesn't want Jane to get this needle. Could it be a return of Jane's nemesis, vampire Charlotte Bronte?

Trust me when I say how fun these books are. I would highly recommend reading them in order, so you will want to start with Jane Bites Back followed by Jane Goes Batty before you read this last entry. But don't take my word for it; find out yourself!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Fiction 3/6/2012

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. Please click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

Carry the One by Carol Anshaw
Chasing Midnight by Randy Wayne White
Enchantments by Kathryn Harrison
The Expats by Chris Pavone
Gods Without Men by Hari Kunzru
The Hope Vendetta by Scott Mariani
Illusion by Frank Peretti
The Last Good Man by A.J. Kazinski
Murder at the Lanterne Rouge by Cara Black
The O'Briens by Peter Behrens
Poison Flower by Thomas Perry
A Rising Thunder by David Weber
A Searing Wind by W. Michael Gear
The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
The Thief by Clive Cussler
Trigger Point by Matthew Glass

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Last Lie by Stephen White

White's tricky plotting weaves a tangled web of deceit in this 18th Alan Gregory thriller. Boulder clinical psychologist Alan Gregory is mentoring therapist Hella, who has grave concerns about her patient. The patient in question had attended a housewarming party and stayed the night since she had too much to drink. Upon waking, she realized she couldn't remember much from the previous evening, but was convinced she was raped by an acquittance.

Although he can't admit it, Alan is fully aware that the rape took place across the street at the house of his new neighbors who are none other than a famous attorney who just happens to be an advocate for women's issues and his wife. Both Alan's wife Lauren, the deputy DA, and police officer and long-time friend Scott refuse to talk about it or even confirm that a crime took place.

But clearly something very, very wrong happened at that house the night of the party that makes Alan concerned for the safety of his own family, which now includes Jonas, the son of his deceased best friends. As he learns more about the accuser through Hella, he finds himself at the center of a crime that he must unravel before any one else is hurt and his little paradise in the Spanish Hills is threatened.

Some readers might get impatient with the huge chunk of time White devotes to the Kobe Bryant case in the middle of the novel, which at first glance seems somewhat irrelevant. However, those who stick it out will discover how it all ties in and that it was worth the wait. The intensity near the end more than makes up for it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn

Lady Julia Grey is in mourning. Her husband, William, has died from his weak heart. Or has he? Just after he died, Julia is approached by Nicholas Brisbane, a private inquiry agent. He claims that William had hired him to find out who was sending him threatening notes. And maybe his death was murder. Lady Julia doesn't quite believe him. But after finding a note in William's desk, Julia starts to have doubts about his death.

Julia contacts Brisbane to continue the investigation. And Julia decides that she will help. What she didn't expect to find was that the people she thought she knew aren't who they seem. She also didn't expect to find the mysterious Brisbane to be so intriguing. Will they be able to find out what happened to William without losing their lives?

I loved this book and I am so excited that it is a series! The secondary characters are eccentric and plentiful. My review isn't doing this book justice because there is a lot more to the mystery and characters.