Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Body to Die for by Kate White

Bailey Wiggens is by far my favorite female sleuth.  I like that White puts the reader in Bailey's head as she is figuring out the crime.  If you like the investigative element as seen in Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware series, then you will be sure to find Bailey Wiggens to your liking.

In this second series offering, A Body to Die For, freelance crime reporter Bailey is visiting the Cedar Inn and Spa in Warren, Massachusetts at the urging of her mother, who is worried about Danny, the Inn's owner and a family friend. Bailey could also use a few days of relaxation, so this weekend will be the perfect getaway.

After reconnecting with Danny and taking advantage of the evening's last appointment for a massage, Bailey realizes that she left her watch at the spa.  Because of its sentimental value, she asks that Piper, one of the only therapists available that late at night with keys, to reopen the doors. In one of the spa's dark rooms, Bailey and Piper stumble across a body wrapped in mylar paper, the paper used for mud wraps.  Bailey quickly unwraps the mylar from the face, hoping that there is still a chance to save this person, but it becomes clear that she is already dead.

Bailey and Piper soon learn that the dead woman is Anna, one of the spa's masseuses.  As she is snooping around, Bailey learns of Anna's secretive past.  There are also Anna's ex lovers and even Danny's husband that could all have motive for murder. Bailey promises Danny she will get to the bottom of it all, but the sexy Detective Jeffrey Beck tries to stop her involvement.  And Beck isn't the only one annoyed with her nosing around.  A few cryptic threats make it clear that Bailey should mind her own business if she knows what's good for her.  Can Bailey help Danny and find justice for Anna without risking her own life?

If you like a good, solid mystery with a thorough and detailed investigation, then this series is for you.  I can't wait to pick up the next book, 'Til Death Do Us Part to see what crime Bailey will solve next and where her romantic relationship is headed.

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