Saturday, September 14, 2013

See Jane Dies by Erica Spindler

Back when they were kids, Stacy Killian dared her younger half-sister Jane to swim out to the middle of the lake. This single dare changed Jane's life forever. As she was out in the water, a deranged boater mowed her over and left the scene of the accident. Jane underwent a ton of reconstruction surgery to fix her face, but not all was loss since she ended up falling in love and marrying her cosmetic surgeon, Ian Westchester.

Stacy and Jane haven't been close in the years following that horrific day. Jane is a successful artist who has it all, including a substantial inheritance from her grandmother; Stacy is a detective with the Dallas PD who has never found love and was left nothing.

Jane and Stacy are reunited when a woman is brutally killed in a Dallas hotel who has connections to Ian. Stacy and her partner Mac believe Ian is guilty, and subsequent murders point to him as the killer. But Jane keeps professing her husband's innocence and will fight for his freedom, even if some unpleasant secrets are uncovered in the process.

Meanwhile, Jane receives harassing messages that suggest the boater from their youth is back to torture her. Could this be connected to Ian and the dead women? Stacy will do anything to protect her sister, no matter what the cost.

I remember Stacy's character from Spindler's 2005 novel, Killer Takes All. These aren't really a series, just a character who reappears, so they can be read in any order. See Jane Die is a finely paced and a few unexpected twists add to the suspense.

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