Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bad Nights by Rebecca York

Morgan Rains is at her cabin getaway packing it up and trying to let go of her dead husband. While going down memory lane, Morgan is startled to see a man in her backyard and watches as he passes out. She goes out to investigate and discovers he is naked and injured. She ends up dragging him inside and tending to his wounds and warming him up.

Jack Brandt is not sure what happened to him. He does know he is in danger and needs to leave this cabin and woman before the danger comes. But danger arrives before he can leave. His memory also returns. He co-owns Rockfort Security with two friends. He was on an undercover job hoping to get info on a terrorist when his cover was blown and he was tortured.

Now Morgan and Jack must work together to escape his enemies. They manage to escape the house and connect with his partners. But everyone is not as they seem and danger might be closer then they think.

I really enjoyed this book. It looks like it will be the start of a trilogy. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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