Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dying to Please by Linda Howard

When Sarah Stevens stops a burglary in progress, the local media want to feature her in a story, for not only her act of bravery but also for her choice of profession. Sarah, a live-in butler for a retired judge, oversees the household and attends to all her client's needs. Sarah has an unusual set of skills. Besides being highly organized and professional, her background from growing up in a military family has her trained in martial arts. She is not only attends to the home, but also defends it.

Alabama detective Tom Cahill first encounters Sarah on the night of the robbery and makes the false assumption that she is attends to more than the judge's professional needs. Sarah is a tough cookie and fiercely independent, but Cahill can't get her out of his mind. He is in luck when Sarah calls him after she receives a pendant in the mail from an unknown admirer. Ever since her television interview, all sorts of rich types have been crawling out of the woodwork hoping to entice Sarah with a better job offer.

In hopes of drawing her stalker out, Sarah attends a movie on her night off but comes home to find the judge dead after being shot in the head. Having grown close to the judge and his family over the years, Sarah is devastated, but Cahill wonders if it is all an act. He works to clear Sarah as a suspect in hopes of stepping up his game as her potential lover. She is a perfect match for him, but when her next clients turn up dead, he questions whether he trusted her too soon.

This romantic suspense offering from the prolific Howard was just mediocre. The hot love makin' between Cahill and Sarah lived up to Howard's reputation, but the suspense elements just weren't really that "suspenseful." I will continue to read Howard because I know that some of her books are better than others.

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