Thursday, November 14, 2013

'Til Death Do Us Part by Kate White

This third book in the Bailey Weggins series finds Gloss magazine freelance crime writer Bailey investigating the deaths of two bridesmaids who's death's seem like accidents, but who another bridesmaid fears are actually murders.

Ashley contacts Bailey when her roommate Robin dies by eating something she knew would be fatal with her medication. Both Robin and Ashley as well as Jamie, who was electrocuted in the tub, were attendants in Peyton Cross's wedding last Spring. Ashley is convinced that neither deaths were accidental, so Bailey agrees to poke around while she visits Peyton, who's vast Martha Stewart like empire was started by her husband's investments, in Greenwhich, CT.

The closer she looks, the more the people in Peyton's circle are starting to seem suspicious, including Peyton's much older husband David, his business partner, his ex wife, and Peyton's cousin Philippa. And clearly someone is upset that she is digging around when Bailey becomes victim to a few threats. The local police brush her off as paranoid, and without evidence or a motive, it seems unlikely that the killer will be stopped. That isn't Bailey's only worry since she was also in Peyton's wedding. Could she be the next victim?

I like this series because it is very investigative in nature and the first person narration makes the reader feel like she is solving the case along with Bailey. White stacks up a number of potential suspects that when the truth is revealed, it always comes as a surprise. In this volume, we hear a little bit more about her love life with her partner Jack as well. This series is always a safe bet for me and will be for anyone who enjoys Jonathan Kellerman or Stephen White.

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