Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Fiction 12/31/2013

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. If you see something you like, simply click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

9781451682977   http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9780399160677   http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9780399165733   http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9780399165894
The Death Trade by Jack Higgins
The Purity of Vengeance by Jussi Adler-Olsen
Killing Cupid by Laura Levine
Rosarito Beach by M.A. Lawson
Hazardous Duty by W.E.B. Griffin
Easy Day for the Dead by Howard Wasdin
How to Run With a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper
Darkness Eternal by Gena Showalter

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

 Layken "Lake" Cohen has just moved from Texas to Michigan. Her dad died suddenly about nine months ago and her mom was able to get a job in her home state. Plus she has to start her senior year in a new school. Lake is not happy. She is miserable.  Until she meets her new neighbor, Will Cooper.

Will is 21 and is raising his younger brother, Caulder. Their parents were killed in a car accident and at nineteen, Will became Caulder's parent.  After one date, they have an instant connection. Will takes Lake to a poetry slam and Lake is mesmerized. But Will and Caulder are going away for the weekend so they have to wait for date number two. But before another date can take place, a shocking revelation happens.

Now Lake and Will are separated by this event that happens. But Lake has to see Will everyday and it is killing her.  And when another tragedy happens, will Lake and Will be able to finally be together?

I loved this book! And there are two more books in the series featuring Lake and Will: Point of Retreat and This Girl.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

This book follows the story of Pat Peoples, recently released from "the bad place," dedicated to the idea of bettering himself and single-mindedly focused on seeing the silver linings in life, which can be both hopeful and heart breaking for Pat as he navigates through life after
his "incident."

What I loved about this book was the honesty of it. You follow with Pat through every step, andhe's not an omniscient narrator who sees the particulars and hidden meanings in everythingaround him - his viewpoint is restricted by his own limitations, just like they would be in reallife. His inner monologue is at times disjointed, or even a bit manic, but I found it refreshingly honest. His character almost reminded me a bit of Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye.

The characters Matthew Quick creates are real - they are quirky and troubled and imperfect. If you are looking for a book to be similar to the movie, you'll find that's not the case (although I'd highly recommend the movie as well). But the book I found was one I could not put down, and a hopeful but not "storybook" ending.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wait for You by J Lynn

Avery Morgansten has moved from Texas to West Virginia to go to college. And to get away from her past and parents. She does not want to be late for the first day of class. She even planned ahead during the weekend. But wouldn't it figure she is late. And as she is heading towards the class, she literally bumps into the hottest guy ever. Flustered, Avery ditches her first college class. They rest of the day goes better and Avery even makes a couple of friends. But isn't it her luck that her neighbor turns out to be the hot guy she made of fool of herself in front of.

 Cameron Hamilton is a flirt. He keeps showing up when Avery least expects him and he is growing on her. She never wanted to find love after a traumatic incident in her past but Cam is breaking down her walls. And when an event happens back in Texas related to Avery's past, she needs Cam more than ever. 

This New Adult novel has all the New Adult ingredients: hot bad boy, girl with a tragic past, and a college setting. I loved it. Sometimes the lead girl can be whiny and annoying but not in this case. I really enjoyed the characters and story!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Wedding Favor by Cara Connelly

Texas cowboy Tyrell Brown should be elated that he just won the case against the insurance company who claimed that Ty pulled the plug on his wife after a drunk driver killed her, but mostly he is glad he never has to see that “bitch on wheels” NYC lawyer Victoria Westin again. That is, until, she is seated next to him on his plane to Paris. Turns out his close friend Isabelle is marrying Vicky’s brother Matt, and they are both in the wedding party. 

Both are weighted down by the obligatory emotional baggage: Vicky’s two-timing ex and the ghost of Ty’s wife. Despite their mutual disdain, they make a pact to get along for the sake of the wedding. To be convincing, they even have a flirtation going, but it doesn't taking much acting for Vicky to pretend to like the hot cowboy, and Vicky is equally sexually tempting as she is sassy, making Ty see he may have finally met his match.

Connelly’s (Christmas novella The Wedding Date) sexy series starter goes off with a bang. The banter between two characters who have a love/hate relationship makes for a humorous and enjoyable ride with plenty of gratuitous love making throughout. Let’s hope Connelly continues the fun her next book in the series, The Wedding Vow.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | First Look at New Books, December 20, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

Harold Fry, recently retired and leading a routine (if not mundane) life is surprised to receive a letter from Queenie Hennessy, an old friend he’d lost touch with twenty years before. Queenie, suffering from cancer and living in hospice care, writes Harold to say goodbye. Planning to send her a short condolence letter and telling his somewhat annoyed wife Maureen he would be back soon, Harold is instead inspired to deliver the letter in person – even though the hospice is more than 600 miles away and Harold himself is ill prepared for the journey – convinced that she will
not die as long as he walks.

What follows is a journey of reflection – both by Harold, who reflects on his own shortcomings as a father, husband, and friend; and for Maureen, who begins to feel a love for husband again that she’d lost so many years before. Meeting strangers and relying on the kindnesses of new acquaintances stirs up memories for Harold that, while often painful, proves cathartic as he makes his journey across England. And Harold’s single-minded determination to “save” Queenie is both maddening and extremely endearing to the reader – you’ll definitely find yourself rooting for him throughout.

This novel is beautifully written, managing to be poetic, humorous, and honest at the same time. The characters Harold meets along the way are quirky and interesting, and the pacing of the story is steady. While this book may make you feel happy, sad, reminiscent, frustrated, or sentimental (possibly all at the same time), I don’t think it will leave you disappointed!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Fiction 12/17/2013

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. If you see something you like, simply click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9781250011046    http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9780345528650    http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9781250028020    http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9781250011961

The Invisible Code by Christopher Fowler
Rosemary and Crime by Gail Oust
The New Countess by Fay Weldon
Murder as a Second Language by Joan Hess

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich

This twentieth offering in Evanovich's super popular Stephanie Plum series is just mediocre: entertaining enough but nothing new happens, unless you count Stephanie's car not blowing up. That's new since it usually always does.

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is trying to locate Salvatore Sunucchi (aka Sunny) whose bond will give much more than just pizza money. A bona fide wise guy, Uncle Sunny, however, happens to be Joe Morelli's (her soon to be fiance) uncle and his Grandma Bella's nephew. Bella isn't too pleased and hits Stephanie with her evil eye. Tracking down Sunny at his mistress' house has just resulted in being shot at so far, so Stephanie knows this isn't going to be an easy catch.

While out on the prowl for Sunny, Stephanie and her sidekick (and former 'ho) Lula happen across a giraffe lose in the Burg. Lula is determined to catch the giraffe, who she has lovingly named Kevin, and attempts to use lettuce as bait that she leaves on street corners.

Meanwhile, several elderly women have been turning up in dumpsters after being choked to death by a Venetian blind cord. Ranger is looking for the perpetrator on behalf of one of his clients, and he enlists Stephanie's help, but so for the bingo halls and senior centers have not yielded any clues. She taps into Grandma Mazur and her circuit of friends as she looks for some connection between the elderly ladies.

As typical of this series, Takedown Twenty features lots of humor, references to our favorite Lula food places, such as Cluck-in-a-Bucket, and the Morelli-Ranger-Stephanie love triangle (just pick Ranger already). I don't know why I keep reading these; the characters never evolve or progress. Hopefully the next offering will be a little better, but I am sure it will be more of the same, which I will continue to read.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Look of Love by Bella Andre

Chloe Peterson cannot believe her luck. She has just escaped a physical encounter with her ex and now her car is in a ditch. And it is dark and raining. Hard. She decides to try and walk when another car pulls up. At first wary of the handsome man who approaches, Chloe finally agrees to let him help.

Chase Sullivan is headed to his brother's Napa Valley vineyard when he spots a stranded driver. He decides to help and is shocked when he is instantly drawn to this woman. She is sporting a bruise on her face and is drenched. He finally convinces her to come to his brother's house. Once there, Chase's feelings grow.

Chloe agrees to spend one night and then be on her way. But for some reason she agrees to stay and help Chase. He is a photographer and is doing a shoot at the vineyard. One of his people gets sick and Chloe is a natural to help out. Soon Chloe and Chase become closer and Chloe starts thinking they might have a chance. But a threat from her past shows up. Will Chloe and Chase get their happy ending?

This is the first book in the Sullivan series. The series is about the eight Sullivan siblings and they will each have their own book. I cannot wait to read them all!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Fiction 12/10/2013

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. If you see something you like, simply click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

Innocent Blood by James Rollins
Innocence by Dean Koontz
Hunted by Karen Robards
Kiss of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Once Upon a Lie by Maggie Barbieri
Heirs of the Body by Carola Dunn
The Housemaid's Daughter by Barbara Mutch
Secondhand Stiff by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Cupcake Diaries: A Spoonful of Christmas by Darlene Panzera

When an investor offers to buy their shop, Creative Cupcakes’ co-owners and best friends Andi, Rachel and Kim have been given a lot to think about this Christmas. Andi doesn’t want to sell, but both Rachel, who is soon to be married, and Kim, Andi’s sister, dream of what they can do with the money. 

Even with a potential sale looming, the girls get into the spirit by decorating the shop and collecting presents to distribute to foster kids in the area. Unfortunately, they learn that there is a real-life Grinch determined to put a stop to the festivities, and he even goes as far as destroying their holiday decorations, defacing Kim’s window painting and stealing all the gifts. Max, a foster kid with neglectful parents who could really benefit from those gifts, befriends Andi’s daughter Mia and covertly hangs around the shop. There is a possibility that Max could be their Grinch, but perhaps this Grinch will bring them together to give them one of the most memorable Christmases ever.

Panzera’s (Taste of Romance) Cupcake Diaries series seem to follow the same worn plot every time, which involves destruction of their business in some fashion, romance between characters who lack any real passion and cupcake recipes at the end for good measure. For readers looking for fluff, Cupcake Diaries will fit the bill, but anyone wanting any real substance should seek out Susan Wiggs or Cathie Linz as better alternatives.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | First Look at New Books, December 20, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The aptly title The Fault in Our Stars introduces us to the wise beyond her years Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year old stage IV thyroid cancer survivor with a terminal diagnosis. Hazel has little planned out for her remaining years beyond re-reading her favorite novel and re-runs of America’s Next Top Model. That is, until a chance meeting with Augustus Waters. Gus, a fellow “cancer kid” in remission, draws Hazel out with a confident, slightly nerdy but fully endearing charm that will draw you in from the very beginning.

Together they share books (she recommends the obscure An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten while he recommends a slightly less “literary” novel based on his favorite video game). The two soon become inseparable, navigating the waters of first love and eventually embarking on a simultaneously disastrous and wonderful trip to Amsterdam courtesy of Augustus’ “wish” to meet Van Houten, who promises to answer Hazel’s lingering unanswered questions about the book’s abrupt end.

This is a novel of opposing realities – the romance of falling for someone new and the reality of life with a terminal diagnosis. It’s as sweet and emotional as it is raw. Though technically a YA title, John Green’s writing is witty, smart, and honest – the characters are incredibly believable and engaging for teens and adults alike. Read with a box of tissues nearby. And definitely plan on reading before the movie comes out next summer.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Fiction 12/3/13

Here is a sampling of new fiction released this week. If you see something you like, simply click on the title to place a copy on hold through the Library's catalog.

http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9781455550951http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9781455574780 http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9781455550951 http://pinnacle.polarislibrary.com/polaris/view.aspx?isbn=9780399160479

The Apartment
by Greg Baxter
Brown Dog by Jim Harrison
Command Authority by Tom Clancy
Going Dark by James W. Hall
Mars, Inc. by Ben Bova
The Prince of Risk by Christopher Reich
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Retribution by Eric Lustbader
Shoot the Woman First by Wallace Stroby
The Spook Lights Affair by Marcia Muller
Things Fall Apart by Harry Turtledove