Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Look of Love by Bella Andre

Chloe Peterson cannot believe her luck. She has just escaped a physical encounter with her ex and now her car is in a ditch. And it is dark and raining. Hard. She decides to try and walk when another car pulls up. At first wary of the handsome man who approaches, Chloe finally agrees to let him help.

Chase Sullivan is headed to his brother's Napa Valley vineyard when he spots a stranded driver. He decides to help and is shocked when he is instantly drawn to this woman. She is sporting a bruise on her face and is drenched. He finally convinces her to come to his brother's house. Once there, Chase's feelings grow.

Chloe agrees to spend one night and then be on her way. But for some reason she agrees to stay and help Chase. He is a photographer and is doing a shoot at the vineyard. One of his people gets sick and Chloe is a natural to help out. Soon Chloe and Chase become closer and Chloe starts thinking they might have a chance. But a threat from her past shows up. Will Chloe and Chase get their happy ending?

This is the first book in the Sullivan series. The series is about the eight Sullivan siblings and they will each have their own book. I cannot wait to read them all!

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