Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wait for You by J Lynn

Avery Morgansten has moved from Texas to West Virginia to go to college. And to get away from her past and parents. She does not want to be late for the first day of class. She even planned ahead during the weekend. But wouldn't it figure she is late. And as she is heading towards the class, she literally bumps into the hottest guy ever. Flustered, Avery ditches her first college class. They rest of the day goes better and Avery even makes a couple of friends. But isn't it her luck that her neighbor turns out to be the hot guy she made of fool of herself in front of.

 Cameron Hamilton is a flirt. He keeps showing up when Avery least expects him and he is growing on her. She never wanted to find love after a traumatic incident in her past but Cam is breaking down her walls. And when an event happens back in Texas related to Avery's past, she needs Cam more than ever. 

This New Adult novel has all the New Adult ingredients: hot bad boy, girl with a tragic past, and a college setting. I loved it. Sometimes the lead girl can be whiny and annoying but not in this case. I really enjoyed the characters and story!

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