Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rev It Up by Julie Ann Walker

Michelle Carter cannot believe Navy Seal Jake Sommers is back. He broke her heart four years ago and is now declaring his love. But her brother is being threatened and the threat is extended to Michelle and her son. Jake has been tasked to be her bodyguard and she is less then thrilled. How is she going to ignore him and her feelings if he is always around?

Jake Sommers knows he made a mistake. At the time he pushed Michelle away he thought he was doing the right thing. He returns to find his buddies have created a covert operation, Black Knight Inc. They use a motorcycle shop as the front. Now he has an opportunity to make everything right again with Michelle. And becoming her bodyguard puts him close to her and he will do anything to win her back.

This is the third book in the Black Knights Inc series. It is another winner! Her next one is Thrill Ride.

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