Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Line Between Here and Gone by Andrea Kane

Photo journalist Amanda Gleason's newborn baby is severely ill. He needs a marrow transplant, and soon, for a chance at survival, but neither Amanda nor her only living relative, her uncle Lyle Fenton, are matches. The closest match would be Justin's father, Paul Everett, who died five months earlier.

However, when Amanda's friend sends here a picture of Paul, who she swears she spotted on the street in D.C., there may be a chance he is still alive. Paul, a real estate developer, was murdered on Long Island, although his body was never found and the case was never solved, even though it was ruled a homicide.

Amanda enlists the help of Forensic Instincts (FI), a private Manhattan firm with a reputation of solving the most difficult cases. The FI team is comprised of owner Casey Woods, former Navy SEAL Mark, computer wiz Ryan, former homicide detective Patrick and a clairvoyant ironically named Claire.

Each FI team member uses their unique set of skills to follow leads in hopes of locating Paul, who they believe might very likely be alive. They discover that Amanda's wealthy uncle had business ties with Paul, even though he claimed he didn't know Paul. Fenton also has ties with a Washington politician, the very politician whose campaign party is where Paul and Amanda first met. Someone in Fenton's camp is hiding something, and the FI race against the clock to get to the bottom of it. This case is one that has effected the team on a personal level since it involves the life of a newborn baby.

Although this is the second offering in Andrea Kane's new Forensic Instincts series (following The Girl Who Disappeared Twice), they can be read out of order. Each book follows a different case the FI team is working on. There are a few romantic elements but this series is not as sexy as Kane's standalone novels, but the suspense and lots of surprises along the way make for an entertaining read.

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