Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Target by Catherine Coulter

This second entry in the FBI series was such a disappointment! I had heard good things about Coulter and always had her on my "to read" list. I picked up The Target since the cover featured the Chicago skyline (I typically enjoy books set in or near where I live), but this book wasn't particular suspenseful or romantic (no descriptive sex scenes like Linda Howard or Karen Robards) and only part of the book is set in Chicago.

Federal judge Ramsey Hunt is taking a hiatus at a friend's cabin in the remote woods of Colorado. While out chopping wood he hears mewling cries, which he follows, that lead him to an unconscious and frightened six-year old girl. He brings the girl back to his cabin and cleans her up. Uon examination, he realizes she has been sexually and physically abused. Ramsey wants to take care of her and find out her story before he brings her to the authorities. This is my first issue with the plot; shouldn't a judge know that investigators would need to collect evidence off her body for prosecution when they find the suspect?

After about week of slowing gaining her trust, Emma's mother, Molly Lord, ex-wife of washed out singer Louey, tracks her daughter down at Ramsey's cabin. Molly felt the detectives weren't working hard enough to find her kidnapped daughter and set out on her own to find her. Emma, Molly, and Ramsey go on the run together to try and discover who is after her daughter and why.

Their search leads them to the home of Mason Lord, Molly's notorious crime boss of a father, for safety. Could it be possible, though, that Mason and his new wife have something to do with the kidnapping?

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