Saturday, January 11, 2014

Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare

Sophie Alton is late. She is supposed to be meeting Megan, a young woman who has beaten her drug addiction and is being reunited with her baby daughter. But when Sophie arrives at the halfway house, there are cops everywhere. It looks like Megan and taken her baby and run. Sophie is shocked and is finding this hard to believe. As a reporter she wants to follow up with the story and is given a chance when she is told Megan's brother wants to talk. It turns out Megan's brother is in prison.

Marc Hunter has been living in hell the past 6 years. He is accused of killing a fellow DEA agent. But when he finds out his sister has run away, Marc takes drastic actions. He kidnaps reporter Sophie Alton and breaks out of prison. The thing is Hunter and Sophie have a past acquaintance. They knew each other briefly in high school but Sophie doesn't recognize him and only knew him as Hunt. Marc takes her as far a cabin and leaves her.

Sophie shocked when she finds out it was Hunt who kidnapped her. While safely back home she continues to investigate. But there is something sinister going on and it revolves around the juvenile hall that Megan had been in as a teen. And then Hunt shows up and asks for help finding Megan. Sophie agrees to help and what they find is danger everywhere.

These is the third book in the I-team series. Pamela Clare is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors!

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