Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

I read Fool Moon based on someone's suggestion. I read the first Dresden Files book, Storm Front, years ago and recall thinking it was just okay. I like urban fantasy well enough and have really enjoyed both Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison series. However, Dresden just doesn't do it for me.

Harry Dresden is a freelance wizard who consults for the Chicago Police Department's Supernatural Investigations unit. In particular, he works with Karrin Murphy, who is one of the few cops that believe in Harry's abilities. Murphy gets in touch with Harry when a series of murders over the last few months has her suspecting the deaths are not caused by humans. The most recent victim is one of John Marcone's people. Marcone is a notorious mobster who seems to always evade the law.

What Harry and Murphy discover is that the killings seem to be done around the full moon, leading Harry to research the kinds of werewolves that may be roaming the city. In order to protect Murphy, he goes off on his own and learns about Tera, a supernatural being who is leading a group of young wolf. Her boyfriend happens to be the kind of werewolf that can't control himself but who insists he is innocent. It is possible that someone is setting him up, but who, and why?

This second offering started interesting enough to engage the reader but just kind of fizzled out a third of the way in. There is a lot of bloody battles between beasts and Dresden. I guess the mystery angle was done well, with lots of potential suspects, but the rest really didn't hold my attention. This is the last Butcher book for me.

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