Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spiraling by Rachel Cross

Once an Olympic contender, Amy Astor is hoping to secure another contract as the ice princess on the “Enchanted” tour. This might be her last chance to work as a professional skater since her injured hip and age are a threat to her career.

When the agent for former TruAcord boy band member turned actor Shane Marx contacts Amy about a paid opportunity to teach Shane how to skate for a hockey player role, Amy jumps at the chance to obtain the media attention (and ultimately the eye of the “Enchanted” producers) this will procure. Likewise, Shane believes that Amy’s squeaky clean image will shape up his rep as a stereotypical Hollywood womanizer which keeps costing him roles.

Behind their mutual exploitation of each other grows a real passion, but Shane’s problems could be much deeper than Amy could ever realize and Shane learns that Amy’s clean image is anything but.

Although the timing is perfect since it coincides with the 2014 Winter Olympics, Cross’s (Rock Him) story isn’t as inspiring. There are too many unnecessary plot threads in an awkward attempt to create more tension, and even though the sex between Shane and Amy is hot, this isn’t enough to carry the story to a satisfying completion.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | First Look at New Books, February 28, 2014

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