Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

After the tragic death of her husband, Kate Pheris exists between of world of sleeping and awake - relinquishing control of her life to a micromanaging mother in law with perfect, humidity defying hair and watching through a veil as her quirky young daughter Devin copes with her father’s death. Until the day she wakes up, deciding on a whim to run off with Devin to Lost Lake, a summer resort owned by her Aunt Eby, where Kate spent one short but magical summer as a teenager. For Kate, Lost Lake is a place to escape and to heal. For Eby, Lost Lake is the place she spent the best years of her life, defying family convention and building a loyal (if not unconventional) band of regular visitors.

It’s also a place that’s slipping through Eby’s fingers – she’s finally made the difficult decision to sell her beloved Lost Lake and move on. Eby, surprised by Kate and small group of her regular summer guests demanding to spend their last summer at Lost Lake celebrating, agrees to hold a farewell party to help everyone say goodbye to a place that means something different for everyone. But as Kate feels herself begin to come alive again, she finds herself wondering if she can find a way to not only celebrate Lost Lake, but to save it.

Like Allen’s other works, Lost Lake blends a combination of magic, friendship, romance, and southern charm to create a book that is as easy to read as it is enjoyable. The eccentricities of her characters add dimension, and the converging storylines of Kate, Eby, Wes, and Lisette blend nicely. It is a book simultaneously about closure and new beginnings. If you liked Garden Spells or The Girl Who Chased the Moon, you’re bound to enjoy Lost Lake. It’s the perfect book to curl up to in the cold and dream about summers gone by.

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