Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye

Becca Merritt needs help. Her brother, Charlie, is missing and all she has is a cryptic message telling her to go to the Hard Ink tattoo shop and ask for Nick Rixey. She soon finds out he was in her father's Special Forces unit but is disappointed when he refuses to help her. Determined to figure out what is going on her next stop is trying to gain entry into Charlie's apartment. When the landlord lets her in, they discover the apartment has been trashed and Charlie's computers are gone. Dejected Becca heads home but soon realizes she isn't alone. Before she confronts the intruder, Nick shows up.

Nick Rixey has been burned. Once a dedicated soldier, Nick and his team were discharged from the Army under false circumstances. Now a year later, Nick is still angry at the man, Becca's father, who betrayed his unit. So when the daughter of the man he hates shows up there is no way he will have anything to do with her. But Nick keeps seeing the sad look in her eyes and decides to help. He arrives in time to stop her from being hurt and immediately takes her back to the shop, which is also where he lives.

Becca and Nick are now working together and Nick has brought in the four men from his unit. As they work to find Charlie, it becomes clear that this is connected to their discharge. Will they find Charlie before it is too late and will Nick and his friends clear their names?

This is a new author for me and I loved her. The next book is Hard As You Can and is next on my list!

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