Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Witness By Nora Roberts

Sixteen year old genius Elizabeth has led a very strict and controlled life. After a fight with her mother, Elizabeth has enough and rebels. She makes fake IDs for her and her new friend, Julie, and they get into a nightclub. After meeting some guys, Elizabeth and Julie leave with them and that is when Elizabeth's life changes forever.

Tweleve years later, Elizabeth is now Abigail Lowry and living in the Ozarks. She keeps to herself and feels safe that way.  She only has her dog for company and only ventures into town for groceries. Chief of police, Brooks Gleason, has noticed her. He is very curious and attracted to Abigail. He starts showing up at Abigail's house and butting into her life. She is weary at first but starts to slowly let him into her life.

Through the years, Abigail has kept track of the people who were involved in the incident in her past. It is almost time to start her revenge against them but is she ready to let Brooks into her life completely? If she is, she will have to tell him the truth about who she really is. And will he still stay with her when he finds out the truth?

I love Nora Roberts and I loved this book! This has become one of my favorite books by her. The main characters and secondary characters were awesome. The story kept you guessing. Definitely a must read!

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