Thursday, April 3, 2014

Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson

Six-feet tall secretary Betsy Taylor just lost her job and to make matters worst, gets hit by a truck when she is outside chasing down her cat. She wakes up to find herself in the morgue and promptly walks out and tries to kill herself, but nothing seems to do the trick. After saving a woman and her child in the alley from attackers, she has a thirst for their blood and feels her fangs click into place. She now knows not only is she undead, but she is also a vampire. It turns out when she was attacked months earlier, she was poisoned with the disease that one day would turn her into this monster when she should have perished.

After breaking the news to her dad, stepmother, mother, and best friend Jessica, Betsy receives a phone call from another vampire asking to meet her, but gets abducted on the way and is escorted to an underground mausoleum where she meets Nostro, the head vampire who demands her allegiance to him. Vampire or not, Betsy won't be enslaved to anyone so she is left with no choice but to laugh in his face.

She meets another vampire, Eric Sinclair, who is one of the most attractive men she has ever laid eyes on, you know, if you like that tall, built, dark hair and smoldering eyes type. Unfortunately he is a jerk and Betsy wants nothing to do with him, but she learns that she has no choice but to take allegiance with one the cities vampire covens, especially since Nostro gives her bad vibes. Apparently, vampire lore has predicted that one day a queen will rise who will rule over all vampires, and apparently that queen is Betsy. This shouldn't be a problem, right? Especially when you have sidekicks such as Tina, a lesbian vampire who will do anything for Betsy and her friend Eric who she saved from committing suicide.

Betsy, a shoe lover at heart, is witty, sarcastic and immensely likable in this series starter from Davidson. Having lived in the Twin Cities for several years, the location of this story was also very appealing. Undead and Unwed was unexpectedly (and pleasantly) sensual as well, so this story should appeal to most paranormal romance readers who like quirky characters and can handle a little humor in their plot.

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