Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

Ian Dare is still upset at his father. His father has been living a secret life, which includes a secret family. He begrudgingly goes to his father's birthday party after his sisters beg him. He is glad he did because he sees the woman who is going to change his life. Just as he is about to approach her, Ian realizes she is there with his half-brother, Alex. But even that won't stop him.

Riley Taylor can't stop looking at the hot stranger. She is soon informed that he is Ian Dare and she knows she should stay away. Alex  is her best friend and protector and she would never do anything to hurt him. But she doesn't know if she can resist Ian.

Riley had planned not to ever see or speak to Ian again but she needs a favor. When he never calls her back, it results in Riley losing her job. When Ian finds out, he offers her a job with his company. Riley reluctantly accepts and soon finds out how much she likes her new job. And her new boss.

Soon Riley and Ian start to see each other. Riley is still torn up about it because of Alex. But when a figure from her past shows up to ruin her life, Ian steps up to help her. Will Alex and Ian be able to put their differences aside so Ian and Riley can have their happy ending?

This was a good romance for the start of the new series Dare to Love. It was originally just an E-book but can now be found in paperback. The next book is Dare to Desire and is Alex's story.

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