Thursday, May 29, 2014

Defensive Wounds by Lisa Black

A murdered attorney found in the presidential suite at an upscale Cleveland hotel brings forensic scientist Theresa MacLean to the scene. Marie Corrigan, a despised defense attorney, is found by hotel staff with her hands tied up with pantyhose, suggesting a possible sex crime.Without fingerprints, a clean crime scene, and a slew of potential enemies Marie generated in her line of work, finding the killer will be difficult.

Marie Corrigan was at the hotel for a convention, so it is not surprising when the next victim happens to be another attorney. Could the killer be a former client offing the attorneys? What about the head of hotel security who was a former cop, as he was the only one with access to the presidential suite?

But what concerns Theresa the most, though, is that her daughter Rachel is working at this hotel over the summer and has started dating a fellow employee by the name of Will. She has her cousin Frank, a homicide detective, look into Will's background where she learns that he was charged but never convicted for the rape and murder of a classmate when he was a juvenile. Could he also be a suspect in the recent killings?

Book 4 in the Theresa MacLean series brings lots of scientific detail about processing crime scenes that will appeal to CSI fans. I don't read a lot of medical thrillers but stories about how fibers and other trace evidence can be tied to a specific person and can help solve a crime is always fascinating to me. I can't wait to read more in this series.

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