Saturday, May 24, 2014

Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes by Gina Lamm

Leah Ramsey is ready for true love. After her friend Jamie found love going back in time through a magical mirror (The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl), Leah decides she is going to find her true love the same way. With the help of Mrs. Knightsbridge, Leah lands in the house that her true love lives in. The first person she  falls on is the valet, Avery Russell. Leah knows she is destined for the duke who lives there but is drawn to Avery.

Avery is able to get a job in the house for Leah as a housemaid. Leah never realized how much work goes into being a housemaid. And the chamber pots are gross. But as she tries to get the duke's attention her friendship with Avery grows. Soon Leah finds another ally, Lady Chesterfield. She takes Leah in and makes her suitable for a duke. But soon Leah realizes that her true love is Avery.

Avery is very attracted to Leah but doesn't think he is good enough for her because of his past. And soon his past catches up to him and puts Leah in danger. Will Avery overcome is past to find true love with Leah? Or will Leah go back to the future without her true love?

I love the Geek Girls series. They are funny and romantic. I wish I had a magical mirror that would transport me to my true love! The next book is Ella's story and is called The Geek Girl and the Reluctant Rake.

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