Saturday, May 17, 2014

Private London by James Patterson

Dan Carter is the head of Private London. He has been tasked by Jack Morgan to escort Hannah Shapiro to college in London. When she was 12, Hannah and her mother were kidnapped and held for ransom. Hannah made it but not her mother. Private London is in charge of her security while she is in college. Two years later, Hannah is kidnapped again.

DI Kirsty Webb has been assigned to the case. She also happens to be Dan's ex-wife. She is working on another case where people are being abducted off the streets. The two cases seemed to be related. But Kirsty soon realizes not everything is as it appears.

When Private is contacted with a ransom demand, they have hope. But when the ransom delivery gets botched, Dan realizes there is a leak in one of the departments. And when Dan and Kirsty finally figure out what is happening, it shocks everyone.

Another great one from the Private series. It was very exciting and kept me guessing. I actually listened to the audio book and loved the narrator's voices!

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