Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Collector by Nora Roberts

Lila Emerson is a professional house sitter and YA author. Her newest job brings her back to New York. She is house sitting in a swanky apartment complex. The layout allows her to continue her hobby of watching the neighbors through her binoculars. Not in a creepy way but a curious way. About a week into the job Lila witnesses a murder. The woman across the way is pushed out the window. Lila is told it was a murder suicide when she visits the police to get more information. She runs into the brother of the man who is allegedly the killer. He convinces her to have coffee to find out what she saw.

Ashton Archer is convinced his brother isn't a killer. He also wants to see what Lila saw. He asks her if he can come to the apartment. After doing some research on him, Lila realizes they have a mutual friend. Lila's best friend Julie, who runs an art gallery that shows Ash's work. She agrees to let him come over and he soon has her convinced that it wasn't his brother. The police soon come to the same conclusion.

Ash is determined to find out what happened. Lila agrees to help. As they look for answers, a ruthless assassin is on their trail. They soon realize there is alot at stake. After another family member is murdered, Ash will stop at nothing to find the killer and protect Lila.

You cannot go wrong with Nora Roberts! She always delievers a great story and characters. There is always the right amount of mystery and romance. And this one was another fabulous one! If you haven't read Nora yet, what are you waiting for?!

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