Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dangerous Refuge by Elizabeth Lowell

Shaye Townsend has just come across a dead body. Unfortunately she knows the victim, Lorne Davis. They had been working together to make his ranch part of a conservation. His death looks like natural causes. He was eighty after all. Shaye is even more upset because the last time they talked they argued. Lorne thought the organization that Shaye works for was trying swindle him but Shaye was sure that was wrong.

Tanner Davis is a LAPD detective and nephew to Lorne. He arrives at the ranch and realizes some family gold was missing and is sure Lorne's death isn't an accident. He teams up with Shaye to find out what happened. Almost immediately they are attracted to each other but also suspicious of one another.

Shaye's boss, Kimberli, wants her to work as close as possible to Tanner since he is the heir. She wants to make sure that the ranch comes to their organization. Shaye doesn't mind sticking close to Tanner. After finding another dead body, they are more determined then ever to find the killer.

I always enjoy Elizabeth Lowell's books and this one did not disappoint. The story kept me interested and guessing who the killer was until the end.

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