Saturday, July 19, 2014

Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich

A lot of the same old, same old in this latest series entry in Evanovich's bestselling series. This time Trenton bounty hunter Stephanie's FTA (failure-to-appear) is Jimmy Poletti, a car dealership owner who was busted for sex trafficking.

Besides Lula, Stephanie has another sidekick along for the ride this time, little person Briggs (a character we were introduced to in Notorious Nineteen), who turns to Stephanie when a rocket launcher landed in his apartment and destroyed it. Briggs is Poletti's accountant, and he is convinced Poletti is trying to kill him since he knows about Poletti's money stash in Mexico, especially since some of Poletti's other colleagues have recently been killed.

Stephanie is also worried about Ranger ever since a man he was holding captive for extradition to Florida released polonium in the air at Rangeman. Although the release was faulty, both the perp and one of Rangeman's employees are in critical condition, and the Rangeman offices can't be used until they are decontaminate. Ranger suspects it has something to do with a Russian with a vendetta from his military days.

The expected shenanigan transpire, from Stephanie's car's being wrecked to Grandma attending the latest funerals to stops for chicken from Cluck-in-Bucket. Stephanie is still romantically caught up in both Ranger and Morelli, so no new developments on that score. This was entertaining enough but not laugh out loud funny like this series sometimes is, although I did enjoy the gang of chihuahuas. Also, the repetition from book to book is really wearing thin. I hope book 22 can offer something new or that she ends the series altogether.

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