Saturday, August 30, 2014

Delicious! by Ruth Reichl

Billie Breslin has a golden palate, expertly identifying even the most out of the ordinary ingredients in any dish she tries.  She also has absolutely no interest in cooking.  Still, she leaves her home in California in the hopes of getting an assistant job at Delicious, the iconic New York food magazine.  After passing a number of peculiar “tests,” Billie finds herself immersed in a world of food, quickly connecting with a series of offbeat and passionate characters that help open the culinary world of the city to her.

But a year into her new job, Billie finds the worst has happened – Delicious is to be closed for good.  Offered the opportunity to stay on to answer customer letters about the “Delicious Guarantee,” Billie finds herself wandering the now empty mansion, soon stumbling upon the deserted library and it’s interesting collection of customer letters.  As she delves deeper into a set of mysteriously cataloged letters, she finds she is learning about herself in the process.

With its rich descriptions of food and the culinary life of New York City, Delicious! is a sensory experience.  No doubt drawing from her time as editor of Gourmet magazine, Reichl creates a world that is full of interesting and quirky characters that are as unique as some of the dishes served.  A perfect book for those with a passion for food, or just those looking for a light and airy read for the end of summer.

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