Thursday, August 21, 2014

Eyes on You by Kate White

In this standalone from White, NYC TV news anchor Robin Trainer's career is on the rise and all her hard work is finally paying off. Aside from the stellar ratings for her news show, she just published a book that is slated to be a bestseller.

At the launch party of her book thrown by her friend Bettina, she discovers a threatening note in her purse that puts her on alert, although perhaps it is just a prank. But then the threats start to escalate to the point she has no choice but to report it to the CEO and network security.

Robin suspects Vicky Cruz, the network's star reporter who has a reputation for getting what she wants no matter the cost. It is absurd to think that Vicky would see Robin as a threat, but she is the most likely culprit. Then there is Carter, the co-anchor who she mistakenly slept with and is now paying the consequences. Her intern Maddy also seems to have a chip on her shoulder after Robin confronts her about her missteps. Reporting the threats ultimately backfire, and the network believes that Robin staged the threats to frame Vicky.

Furthermore, her past problems with her stepmom have been leaked, which diminish any credibility she had. Robin had only confided to her closest friends about her past, so now she doesn't know now who she can trust. Robin is determined to stop the person who has ruined her life and clear her name and accepts the unsolicited help of Alex Lucca, a coworker from the network.

Another winner from the author of the Bailey Wiggens series that is a quick and suspenseful read. If you like Mary Higgins Clark, then Kate White is the author for you.

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