Saturday, August 23, 2014

Otherwise Engaged by Amanda Quick

Amity Doncaster is walking back to her ship when she hears a cry for help. She finds a man bleeding in the alley from a gunshot wound. He wants her to deliever a letter to his uncle if he doesn't make it. Amity is determined to save him. She gets him back to the ship and tends to him. He recovers and they part when the ship arrives in New York. Benedict is on to California and Amity is going home to London. He promises to see her when he gets back to London.

A month later, Amity has not heard a peep from Benedict. But she has had her own adventure. She was abducted in broad daylight by the madman known as the Bridegroom. Amity is able to escape and wound him. As soon as Benedict arrives back in London he goes directly to Amity's. He has read about the attack and needs to make sure she is okay. Also there has been talk about about what happened on the ship between Amity and Benedict.

Benedict comes up with a plan to stop the gossip and protect Amity: become fake engaged. As they work together to find the Bridegroom, they soon realize their feelings are anything but fake. But will they get their happy ending?

Finally Amanda Quick has written a straight historical romance without the paranormal twist. Don't get me wrong I love everything Amanda Quick writes but I was ready for this book. It was another great story. I eagerly await her next offering.

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