Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby by Soshanna Evers

Lauren Peters is pleasantly surprised to find her twin brother’s sexy business partner, Mack Hansen, at the door, if only the circumstances were different. Mack has important news: Lauren’s brother and his wife are missing. As far as Lauren knew, they are supposed to away on their yacht working on their marriage and is the reason why Lauren is watching their infant baby. Mack, however, believes that some shady dealings Joe accidentally became involved in is forcing him to hide out until it is safe.

Either way, Joe’s will stipulates that Lauren or Mack can be Callie’s legal guardian, but only if they are married. Since neither of them are, Mack’s solution is for them to marry each other, to keep Callie out of the foster system, until Joe and Marisol’s return.

Macks finds Lauren too irresistible to stay celibate and plans to consummate their marriage. Lauren is afraid that she will fall too deep, even though the marriage is sham. In order to provide her niece the family her brother dreamed of in his absence, she will have to keep her heart close to the vest no matter what the expense.

Although readers can be certain of the outcome of the prolific Ever’s (Pulse and Enslaved trilogies) sexily “Evers” after, getting to know her characters and watching their heated chemistry unfold in sensual fashion makes for a pleasurable ride that is an added touch to this romantic contemporary.

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