Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

For Cath Avery, the fictional world of Simon Snow is more than just entertaining – it’s life.  As a dedicated fan fiction writer, Cath lives her life online, where her Carry On, Simon story is extremely popular, gaining thousands of hits a day.  Things are good for Cath.  Until she starts college, and is left high and dry by her twin sister and former writing partner Wren, who informs her she’ll be living with a different roommate. 

Left to fend for herself, Cath must now navigate the very real world of a college freshman – interacting with new people (Cath isn’t big on new people), and dealing with a constantly irritated roommate Reagan and her ever present, constantly cheerful boyfriend Levi.  Worrying about her manic father, who’s returning to an empty house and lonely, gas station take out.  Even her hopes of escaping into fiction quickly fade as she finds little time to keep up with Carry On, Simon, and learns her Fiction Writing professor wholeheartedly disdains fan fiction in general.  And it’s only the first semester.

As a big fan of Eleanor and Park, I’m not surprised to find that I really enjoyed Fangirl.  Rowell has a way with dialogue that is really entertaining – snarky and smart but really relatable at the same time.  Her characters are quirky and endearing, and Cath’s struggle to “hide her crazy” is both funny and painfully accurate.   While not strictly a YA book, I think this is a book that both teens and adults can read and relate to with ease.  I highly recommend!

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