Thursday, September 25, 2014

No Safe House by Linwood Barclay

This is another page-turning thriller from Barclay, who just keeps getting better and better. In No Safe House, teacher Terry Archer and wife Cynthia, who is staying at an apartment across Milford, are going through a rough patch, since their teenager daughter Grace and Cyn had a recent blow out.

One night when she is supposed to be with a friend, Grace goes along with her boyfriend Stuart who breaks into a house of a family who is out of town. His plan is to take their Porsche out for a spin and return it; no harm. But all hell breaks loose when there is already someone in the house who shouldn't be.

Holding the gun for Stuart, Grace hears a shot that could have possibly killed her boyfriend, runs for her life, and calls her father to pick her up. She doesn't remember what transpired and in an effort to protect his daughter in case she accidentally shot Stuart, Terry goes back to the house to see what went down. 

It turns out this house is on a list of Vince Fleming's, a local crook who uses homes of upstanding citizens to hide money and other paraphernalia for his clients. Vince and the Archer have a past from when he helped Cyn find out the truth about what happened to her childhood family seven years earlier, and his help cost him a bullet in his gut. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. But Vince is a man no one should mess with, and Grace's involvement gets them into a world of trouble.

I think a lot of readers have yet to discover Barclay, who is an easy author to transition to, especially if you like the short chapters and twists of James Patterson. All his books are separate stories and are not part of a series. This isn't my favorite Barclay, but it doesn't mean I didn't thoroughly enjoy this quick, fast paced read. 

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