Saturday, September 27, 2014

Running Wild by Linda Howard and Linda Jones

Carlin Reed is on the run. Her life was good until she went on a date with the wrong man, Brad. He has started stalking her. It escalated so much that an innocent woman is killed in Carlin's place. Now she is in Battle Ridge, Wyoming and off the grid. She gets a job at the local cafe but with winter coming she won't be needed as much. The owner, Kat, mentions that her cousin is looking for help

Zeke Decker has lost his housekeeper and cook and is getting desperate. Kat suggests Carlin and Zeke reluctantly agrees. Carlin learned how to cook from Kat and decides this will be a perfect place to hide. After a rough start, Carlin finds her groove and soon all the ranch hands are happy she is there except Zeke. He is finding it really hard to be around her and not making a move.

Carlin is infatuated with her new boss but knows she is leaving and is still leery after the whole Brad incident. But the attraction is too hot for them to resist and they end up getting together. But Brad is still out there and he is determined to find Carlin at any cost.

I really liked this book. I particularly liked the interactions between Carlin and Zeke. I actually listened to the audio of it through Pindigital and really enjoyed it. I am eagerly awaiting the next book and hope it is Kat's story.

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