Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham

Veronica Mars is back in Neptune, California. She has left New York and her future as a lawyer behind and is back to being a P.I. Her dad is less than thrilled but this is where Veronica is meant to be.

It's spring break and Neptune is the place to be. Until a college girl goes missing. And then another. Veronica is hired by the local ritzy hotel because they are starting to lose business. The clues lead to a house party that is thrown every night. The house belongs to a criminal family with ties to drugs and murder.

Soon Veronica is in over her head. But that has never stopped her. But what might stop her is the ties she has to one of the families with a missing daughter. She is shocked when she comes face to face with a person from her past. But nothing keeps Veronica down for long and soon she will solve this case but at what cost?

The events of this book take place right after the movie, Veronica Mars and is the first original book written about Veronica. I loved it! It was just like watching the TV show. The dialogue, the case, everything about this book was great. My only complaint was not enough Logan!

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