Thursday, October 9, 2014

I See You by Patricia MacDonald

The jumping back and forth in time in MacDonald's latest make for a quick and thoroughly entertaining read that will appeal to readers of Mary Higgins Clark.

The story starts out in West Philly where "Anna" and "Alan" Whitman live and care for their young daughter "Cindy." When their downstairs neighbor has a stroke and is saved by a homeless woman, Anna and Cindy are caught on video, and the

Now the story flips back a year earlier in Nashville, where Hannah and Adam Wickes care for their toddler granddaughter Sydney while her mother, Lisa, a medical school student at Vanderbilt is at school or doing her rounds. Lisa, a prodigy child with an exceptional IQ, got pregnant at a young age and would never reveal to her parents who the father is.

After her ex-boyfriend is killed and Lisa is caught on a surveillance video cashing his paycheck, the Wickes family is thrown into a tailspin. Lisa insists she is innocent and Hannah and Adam stand behind her, that is, until things don't add up. The more they learn about their daughter, they realize how little they know her, and that she may be capable of a a crime more heinous than the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Troy.

MacDonald's has an intriguing premise here and even though Lisa's crimes will make you cringe, this mystery is a page turner that will please most readers.

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