Saturday, October 18, 2014

Woman on the Run by Lisa Marie Rice

Julia Devaux has a great life and job in New York. But all that ends when she witnesses a mob hit. Now placed in witness protection, her life has been uprooted and she is miserable. She has been relocated to Simpson, Idaho and is now a second grade teacher. She has not embraced this experience and is just waiting for the call to tell her she can go back to her old life.

Sam Cooper, former Navy SEAL, is back home to take over the family ranch. To his delight the new teacher has caught his eye. But right away he can tell something is off about her. That, however, does not stop him from pursuing her.

Julia is trying hard to resist this new life and Sam. But both are tempting her. Julia gives in and starts to find happiness. But it is short lived because her witness protection has failed and the killer is on the way. Once Sam finds out, he will do anything to protect her. But will it be enough?

I always enjoy Lisa Marie Rice's books. They always have an alpha male and a strong female lead. This was an older one of hers but still entertaining.

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